TFSA in Press

Claims About Dispenser Size Bottled Water Scared! Some Even Pour in Diesel oil! Experts Explain… 07.09.2021

Project on Trust in Supply Chain

TGRT TV 16.04.2021

Foodborne Illness

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The Importance of Food Safety and Veterinary Medicine

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Covid-19 Increased the Omportance of Food Safety and Hygiene

Tadında Zamanında Journal 23.09.2020

Food Safety in Corona Virus Days

Ekotürk TV 21.05.2020

Attention to the Package!

Posta Gazetesi 19.05.2020

Warning from Food Safety Association about Fruit Juices 17.03.2016

TFSA President Saner: “Food safety is a chain and can break from the weakest link” 26.04.2016

Women look for hygien, men look for package 07.04.2015

We didn’t Read the Food Labels Correctly

Deha TV 14.05.2019

We didn’t read right, we sent to garbage!

Türkiye Gazetesi 26.04.2019

We are throwing away consumable food.

Aydınlık Gazetesi 26.04.2019

Accessing to right information on food safety is as importing as ensuring food safety.

Popüler Sağlık Dergisi 30.07.2018

“We can say that Turkish people are not caring about hygiene”

Catering Guide Röportajı 11.12.2017

Digital expansion in food safety

MediaCat Dergisi Röportajı 08.11.2017

Fraud of margarine in butter, starch in spices 08.10.2017

Beware of Hygiene for sacrificials

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Take care of Food Safety for Healthy Generations

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What Should be Considered for Food Safety

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Is the Food You are Consuming Really Safe?

Anne Bebek Dergisi 2.06.2015

Organic or Inorganic 28.06.2015

Food Safety of Delivery Food

Haber Global TV 18.05.2020

Food Safety

Farmaned Dergisi 08.11.2019

What is the state of discussions on GMO bread in Adana? How does GMO affect health? 21.03.2017

Toxins in homemade cans can paralyze and kill the consumer. 03.11.2014

What are Expiry Date and Best Before Date in Food?

TRT Haber TV 14.05.2019

Research on Food Loss and Label Reading

Ekotürk TV 12.05.2019

Research on Food Loss and Label Reading

Woman TV 12.05.2019

Research on Food Loss and Label Reading

Global TV 08.05.2019

Packed or Unpacked Food?

Habertürk TV 28.11.2018

What should we care for during food producyion and logistics?

Lojistikçilerin Sesi 25.09.2018

FAQs About Poultry


Food Time Journal


Food Time Journal


Packaging and Food Safety

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Raw Milk

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Changes Brought by the Egg Regulation

CNNTürk TV 23.12.2015

Is it Healthy to Consume Farmed Chicken?

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Frequently seen Fraud in Food

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Packed Food and Shelf Life of Food

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Food Safety in Turkey

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Shelf Life of Food and Irradiation

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Risks of Unregistered and Uncontrolled Food Production

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