About TFSA

About TFSA

TFSA, works to bring together all stakeholders related with Food Safety and raise awareness in the society on Food Safety since 2004.

Our Vision

To be the first address in our country that is reliable, credible and sought-after by all stakeholders in ensuring sustainable food safety.


  • To carry out activities for food safety in the food supply chain.
    • To inform supply chain stakeholders about scientific and technical developments all over the world
    • To develop projects with the related parties at national and international level
    • To provide the necessary training to businesses;
    • To organize events such as congresses and seminars.
    • To provide information and opinion support through the scientific advisory board if needed.
  • To be a source of reference for consumers on issues related to food safety.
    • To increase consumers’ awareness on food safety
    • To lead consumers to access accurate information on food safety issues in the light of current scientific data.
    • In this regard, to create or develop tools that can be communicated, especially in digital media.
    • To take initiatives to prevent information pollution.
  • To represent food safety related issues and to be a source of reference in relations with the public institutions
    • To ensure that the opinion is consulted in the regulated legislations,
    • To organize the necessary scientific studies to form opinions on the legislation
    • To create a communication bridge between businesses and public institutions on food safety issues
    • To support and guide the decisions to be taken by public institutions by reporting the foreseen risks in food safety
  • To strengthen communication between stakeholders related to Food Safety, to appreciate and encourage achievements, to support the development of cooperation in the field of food safety in national and international fields