About TFSA

About TFSA

TFSA, works to bring together all stakeholders related with Food Safety and raise awareness in the society on Food Safety since 2004.

Our Vision

Taking ethics principles and science in focus, to lead directive, vulgarizing and organizing activities to improve food safety and public health consciousness in our country from production to consumption.


  • To take active role in meeting all companies, small or big, agencies and workers in the food sector under the same umbrella of food safety.
  • To have close, effective and scientific communication with all parts of the society to avoid information pollution on food safety and to be a leader in helping the consumers to reach the correct information.
  • To be a guide for the companies who want to improve on food safety
  • Knowing that the consumer is the most effective and driving force, to increase consumer awareness and ensure increase in demand of safe food
  • To act as an agency bringing the parties together on Food Safety in the triangle of state, producer, consumer
  • To organise various activities on food safety including congresses and trainings to the related parties
  • To promote emerging of samples of good practices countrywide, in various ways
  • To have activities to increase national and international cooperation, develop joint projects
  • To take role in enabling production compatible to national legislation and food safety principles and thus to increase consumer health as well as national competition.


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