How to Become a Member

Membership in TFSA is either original membership or honorary membership.

Original members gain membership upon their written demand and by means of Governing Board decision. They are obliged to pay entry and annual fees and have the right to vote and to be elected.

Original members may be real persons or legal entities.

Real persons and legal entities who can become members of TFSA are as bellows:

1) Real Person:

  • Above eighteen years of age, has the capacity to act,
  • For foreigners, have the right for habitation and work in Turkey,
  • For students, to be studying a subject related with the objectives of the Association, at a University or College.

For the real person, a reference or work certificate showing the position and title at the institution they work for is demanded. If not working, similar document showing past experience for the period they worked is asked.

Students studying any subject related with the field of interest of the Association at a University or College can be members to the Association. Student members don’t pay fee for entrance. They are obliged to pay 1/50 of real person members and they don’t have the right to vote or to be elected.

2) Legal entities:

  • Universities and Colleges having departments related with the objectives of the Association,
  • Public institutions and agencies,
  • Private sector establishments,
  • Civil Society Institutions.

Public and Civil Society Organisations pay half of the entry and annual fees as other legal entities pay.

Representatives of the legal entities should have power of representation certificate showing their position and title in the subject institution, signed and approved by the Head of Governing Board or the highest level authority in the institution they represent.

In case more than one person represents the legal entity, for those after the first person, all entry and annual fees for real person are valid.

For more detailed information and application please contact with our Association.